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New points of view

Before saying that a problem does not have a solution or before setting aside a project, check with FLY IN. You will discover an innovative point of view and know-how which is the result of experience gained in a variety of fields, from nautical and aeronautical to engineering.

While browsing through FLY IN’s portfolio and talking to Mauro Oggero and his staff, unexpected new scenarios and solutions will arise, which initially might have seemed impossible or impracticable or were not even thought of.
We are talking, for example, of high-tech inflatable structures for extreme uses, covers and special projects, structures which can be removed in a few minutes or seconds, settings to be carried out in challenging locations and requiring particular care. However, attempting to provide a list would be reductive, since each specific challenge requires a specific invention. Check out our portfolio which can give you a better idea in a way words cannot do.
An example among all: the Solar Impulse project. Initially, the problem to solve was one: how to protect the most delicate ultra-light aircraft in the world, powered by solar energy, on the ground, between one stage and another during its trip around the world?
There was the need for a mobile hangar, resistant to winds of 100 km/h, to be mounted and dismounted in a few hours by a small number of people. It had to be light, not bulky since it had to be packed within a restricted space and transported by plane.
Achieving the winning solution, ie a hangar which inflates around the plane to allow the sunrays to recharge the aircraft’s batteries, took five years of work, in collaboration with engineers from all over the world. Thus, FLY IN has developed the technical ability to engineer each inflatable based on scientifically proven calculations. FLY IN was able to create a true masterpiece of engineering technology and creativity based on nautical, aeronautical and civil engineering.
Moreover, Solar Impulse was the turning point for FLY IN, in terms of developing the ability to use materials and seams in such a way that they can be inflated with very low energy consumption: an environmentalist milestone which FLY IN is particularly proud of and has been applied to all subsequent projects.
In this case, it is truly appropriate to say: challenge accepted, mission accomplished.

Transforming problems into solutions

Large inflatable structures, covers and large installations require specific study. There is no standard project.
Depending on the requirements, the designs vary, the choice of materials and the assembly and sewing techniques change. Mathematical calculations, carried out by an engineering firm, offer indications for the application of reinforcements at the points of greatest tension, indicate the orientation of the fibres of the fabric in order to obtain maximum resistance, as well as how much pressure the structure will have to face in each point. From theory to practice. The pieces of structure or fabric, already shaped, are first tested individually and then again after having been sawn. Where necessary, the layers of fabric multiply and become cohesive. However, this is not enough: once compliance with the technical executive project has been verified, the structure is subjected to stress tests, before issuing the certification which allows the public to access it.
FLY IN can design, manufacture, test and deliver removable covers for large as well as very large surfaces, such as stadiums and arenas, and is able to find solutions to new or extreme issues.

Such as hiding entire buildings, prepare large or very large public works for openings or change the sets for shows. This is not an exhaustive list, but just an example of the reaches of creativity. Which is boundless.

Before saying that a problem does not have a solution or before setting aside a project because ‘it cannot be done’, try to discover FLY IN.

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