Swab Area for Bologna Airport

Swab area

Our creativity is not only at the service of art or design. Indeed, very often, air becomes the answer to requirements of collective importance, such as the inflatable structure created to accommodate the swab area at Bologna Airport.
16 metres long and able to withstand gusts of wind up to 70 km/h, this inflatable has been designed to create a safe and comfortable environment where swabs can be taken quickly without having to use areas inside the airport.
The structure had to integrate, in a simple and robust way, 2 container-laboratories for analysis and 4 rigid doors with frame – through special zippers and aluminium profiles. As well as all of this, maximum installation speed was required, in order to move the area according to the flows of travellers.
Among the main features, strength and static structure are guaranteed by advanced engineering calculations and innovative perimeter anchors capable of replacing traditional ropes, thus minimising the space taken.
Double-chamber walls, water-repellent and resistant technological fabrics and a modular retractable floor create perfect thermal insulation: the temperature remains constant even in adverse weather conditions and the space can be cooled down using a simple air conditioner.
Finally, the anti-stain properties of the fabrics ensure that the internal walls of the structure are easy to clean and sanitise, which is essential to protect both operators and travellers.
Research on materials and years of experience once again have guided us throughout each design phase, helping us to design a technological and innovative structure, perfect to meet the needs of the community.

PARTNER: Cardinali Group


water based




small & light

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