Moro per Carnevale di Mondovì

A great Carnival

Over 20 meters high, the inflatable reproduction of the Moro di Mondovì mask is a high-level engineering work.
Complex calculations, carried out by our trusted engineering partner Curti&Saffirio, were required to create an installation able to withstand the force of the wind and various structural stresses.

Despite the impressive size of the work, thanks to the care taken in every single detail as well as in the stitching, the expression of the face and the bodily features were surprisingly realistic.

In a difficult year like 2021, when looking up above Mondovì during the Carnival, one had the chance to admire how the air, combined with the creativity of man, is able to give life to truly unique inflatable structures.

And in 2022, when gatherings were still restricted, the GigaMoro was reengineered so that it could lay seated and, equipped with a mechanism allowing it to rise and lower itself, bow to the public or, for more practical reasons, avoid the power cables. And this is how the GigaMoro became the first inflatable float in Italy.

PARTNER: Curti & Saffirio Associate Engineers


water based




small & light

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