We better communicate under pressure

Think big

Think big. Even bigger. Dare. And then ask us to make advertising inflatables like the ones you have in mind.
Years of experiments, research and achievements allow FLY IN to design, reproduce into a mathematical model and produce your products to the desired scale, as if they were in their original packaging.
Quality is always in the details.

If you think about it: is it better to have a 6 or 7 meters high advertising inflatable which only looks approximately like your product, or it is more effective when you see it as an exact reproduction of the original item?

In a world where brand communication is based on the ability to capture attention in seconds and to attract using suggestive and seductive images, FLY IN’s advertising inflatables immediately strike both the eyes and the heart.
They are excellent for advertising precisely because they are absolutely faithful to the originals, beautifully detailed while dressing the air by combining mathematical precision, artistic creativity, and craftsmanship.

Uniqueness and reliability

At the basis of each of FLY IN’s projects is the concept expressed by the customer’s brand or product. Always remaining faithful to the graphic guidelines, the aim is to enhance the power of communication of the structure.
The inflatables conceived, designed, manufactured and delivered by FLY IN are waterproof, resistant to wind and UV rays.

If you are thinking of a commercial space to be used outdoors, versatile, easy to handle, ready and set up in a few minutes, this is exactly what an advertising inflatable or an inflatable FLY IN exhibition stand can offer.

FLY IN builds large and even very large advertising inflatables, supported by structural calculations which allow them to be certified for use with the public, like any other traditional temporary structure.

advertising inflatables

Check out some of our installations below

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