Art and beauty in a breath

sculptures and architectures

Beauty and lightness come together in the FLY IN workshop, producing true inflatable sculptures. This is why FLY IN has increasingly become the reference for artists and designers who are looking to overcome the limits of physics and technology for their works.
Thus, FLY IN is a valuable ally for artists, innovators and experimenters in many fields: from design to theatre, to various types of set-ups. The raw materials are air and fabric. Creativity is the glue.

‘Inflatable design’ refers to the ability to sculpt the air. It’s the new frontier that FLY IN opens to artists and designers, a source of inspiration for contemporary art creations, installations impossible to achieve with traditional materials and settings.

Among the most renowned works carried out by FLY IN are the inflatables for Gufram: the Eiffel Tower on display at “les Galeries Lafayette”, the enlarged Pratone allowing for an immersive experience and the most famous cactus in the world. The latter, thanks to FLY IN, has become a 6 metres high inflatable, accurately reproducing in every detail the series of original objects. It sailed the Venice lagoon on a small boat during the 2015 Biennale and it featured in three different versions at the FuoriSalone 2022.

Works of art

Real works of art which can be moved and relocated, from an open space to a closed one, from a gallery to a museum; from a square, to the large façade of a building. As with all inflatables created by FLY IN, they are tear-resistant and can be deflated and re-inflated on and on to continue to amaze a different audience every time.

The volume “Air Fundamental” by the Special educational institute of Architecture of Syracuse of the University of Catania, edited by architect Vincenzo Latina and published on the occasion of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, talks about pneumatic architectures which “have shown the possibility of transforming dynamic pressure into the exploration of new theoretical and operational paradigms”.. An interdisciplinary research based on the “interweaving between theoretical research and experimentation, it critically explores the changes in progress”, reaching the conclusion that “the collision between architectures and pneumatic membranes generates a new balance which opens up unexpected possibilities of lifestyle and use”. In order to do so, the pool of experts brings forward, as examples, works by FLY IN Blaublobbing by Loris Cecchini; La Mano for Virgilio Sieni’s show ‘March’; the sculpture/costumes by Yuichi Yokoama for Dewey Dell’s company or the Time Capsule, an inflatable structure created for the artist Eva Frapiccini which has been traveling around the world in a suitcase since 2012.
As a tribute to the quality and creativity of FLY IN’s works, customers return year after year, installation after installation. This is the case of Toilet Paper, Galeries Lafayette, Loris Cecchini, as well as brands such as Fendi, Dior, Gufram or Luis Vuitton. For each new project, FLY IN provides support to these customers by literally sculpting the air in order to give life to ideas.

Artistic inflatable structures

Check out some of our installations below

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