Megastore for VR46

Valentino Rossi’s Inflatable Megastore

An inflatable structure hosting the VR46 megastore entirely designed and assembled by the FLY IN team.
Of course, one could also call it inflatable stand: the structure carried out for VR46, the brand of world champion Valentino Rossi. However, in fact, we are talking of an inflatable structure made up of 1097 pieces sewn together, measuring 6 and a half metres in height and offering an internal floor area of over 150 square metres; a larger and innovative version compared to the previous one already created by FLY IN for VR46.
From a commercial point of view, this is an inflatable stand. A store, to be precise, intended for the sale to the public of Valentino Rossi’s merchandising. However, from an engineering point of view, it is a true technology masterpiece. The fabrics, mathematically designed, are hand-sewn by the most experienced and capable Italian seamstresses, based on an adaptation of the know-how acquired in aeronautical projects.
“To engineer and apply to a given project the technology developed for something completely different.
That’s how inventions are born”
Mauro Oggero
The customer needed a sales area to market VR46 merchandising during the MotoGP Grand Prix. The traditional tensile structures used until then presented the disadvantage of long assembly and disassembly times. An issue increasingly problematic due to the sports calendar placing the Grand Prix competitions just one week from each other.
The ‘house’ of the VR46 racing team, designed in close collaboration between FLY IN and the customer, is operational already in 2 hours after being removed from its storage.
The 2 circular accesses – entrance and exit – are reminiscent of the wheels of a van, one of the vehicles traditionally most used in motor sport circuits.



water based




small & light

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