Albero della Vita for EXPO2015

Orgoglio Italiano

Designed and built in 28 days, the inflatable of Orgoglio Italia‘s logo was placed at the base of the Tree of Life, with commanding views over the Lake Arena.

It said ‘Viva l’Italia’ almost 2000 times to 21 million visitors during Expo 2015 in Milan.

The inflatable of Orgoglio Italia’s logo, 6 metres in diameter by 1 metre deep, placed at the base of the Tree of Life, was visible to anyone who crossed the gates of the Expo, a flagship for the design and production made in Italy, as well as a reason for great satisfaction for FLY IN.

In fact, it is one of the few structures, if not the only, capable of inflating,for a variable time from 60 seconds to one hour, depending on the setting’s needs, and then deflate and fully automatically return into a cylindrical container with a diameter of 50 cm by 5 metres in length.

‘You cannot say you’re doing made in Italy just because you’re in Italy. You need to dare, innovate and do research. Then you’re going to do some good made in Italy. And you can believe in it.’
Mauro Oggero

Designed by Mauro Oggero, CEO and Founder of FLY IN, and built in just 28 days, the inflatable of Orgoglio Italia’s logo has inflated and deflated 10 times a day for each of the 184 days of the opening of the Exhibition, in a fully automated way and synchronised with the musical sequences of the various shows and daily events animating the square.

In 6 months, it was displayed two thousand times, only requiring 5 maintenance interventions: some pride for Italy, for sure, but also for FLY IN.



water based




small & light

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