Simplifying the "impossible"

Heftiness and Lightness

Can you picture heftiness and lightness at the same time? Just browse through our portfolio to unleash your imagination. Project after project, FLY-IN has deservedly managed to become leader in the field thanks to its ability to sculpt the air into quasi unlimited shapes and dimensions, in a way suitable for any situation.
From logistics to exhibition, from communication to design, from art, to meeting issues requiring unconventional, innovative and reliable solutions. Inflatable structures, covers and special projects, inflatables for advertising purposes, as well as for art and design, are the freshest, lightest and most immediate answer in every field of communication.
Our portfolio features both small projects alongside structures produced like anything else in the world. We were required to design parts of the setting of the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Games; we designed and created Valentino Rossi’s inflatable Mega Store (VR46); we designed and built the modular hangar for the Solar Impulse aircraft; we created the inflatable Orgoglio Italia logo for Expo 2015, we took care of works by great designers such as Maurizio Cattelan, we literally made the heart of Jonathas de Andrade beat at the 2022 Venice Biennale, as well as creating impressive and fascinating installations in iconic locations such as the rooftop of Superstudio in Milan or the Galeries Lafayette in Paris.
These interventions require a comprehensive range of services, each project coming with unique challenges. Which we are always happy to take on. And we always find a way to meet.

Talent + Boldness

In trying to define ourselves, some words come to mind: talent and boldness, or, in other words, the ability to imagine and the courage to experiment. Productive capacity and flexibility, as a result of an organisation built around the development of unique projects.
Certifications and safety, essential in order to provide assurances to customers.

Constantly updated technologies. Air. Air indeed, since FLY IN is a leader in the design of inflatables for advertising, for trade, for art and design, but also advertising airships and hot-air balloons. This also includes taking care of structures, covers, as well as any project, not necessarily involving inflatables, designed to meet specific needs in the field of entertainment, sport and emergency. If your creativity has no limits, nor have FLY IN’s inflatables and solutions.

Our mission is developing new, increasingly innovative and environmentally friendly projects.

No price list, sorry

This is something we are proud of: a price list does not really make sense for us, as we have always been lucky to be able to design and take care of unique pieces of work, projects which do not only require experience and professionalism, but mainly creativity and unique skills.

We have created special structures and inflatables which have made and are still making history, such as the Solar Impulse hangar, commissioned in 2009 by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, aimed at providing a safe cover to the ultra-light photovoltaic aircraft traveling around the world. We do not have a price list, but a portfolio that we invite you to view.

Craftsmanship and Technology

The tailoring department is part of FLY IN excellence, the beating heart of the company where technique and creativity come together by means of the skilled hands of professional seamstresses. In the tailoring workshop, the exceptional expertise of each of our employees allows us to sew together the hundreds (sometimes thousands) pieces of special fabric that make up an inflatable.
In order to perfectly assemble and waterproof hundreds of square meters of canvas, careful eyes, maximum concentration and great skills are imperative. To all of the above, the seamstresses of FLY IN add their personal artistry: that resulting from the ingenuity of someone who has been able to invent an entirely new profession and have written the rules in the field.

The design is the result of the work of an entire team made up of high-level professionals who, through the use of state-of-the-art programs, are able to transform an idea into a three-dimensional object capable of meeting any of the client’s wishes
Alongside the designers, an engineering firm performs all the necessary calculations to ensure the reliability, safety and durability for each of FLY IN’s creations.

One company, an entrepreneur

Founder, ‘frontman’ and coordinator of all of FLY IN’s activities is Mauro Oggero. His professional curriculum reflects in all respects that of the company. Oggero brings together skills which are the result of his experience in engineering, design, technology, as well as a deep knowledge of flight technologies.
Furthermore, he has technical and design knowledge acquired in the nautical sector, based on studies and field research on sailing fabrics, including the most high-performance and technological ones, such as those used for the sailing of the most prestigious catamarans of the America’s Cup.

What is special about Mauro Oggero is also his ability to team up with his team of qualified professionals at every stage of the company’s activities: from design, to drawing, tailoring, assembly at destination. By coordinating the activities and working side by side with selected collaborators, Oggero develops close-knit teams”.

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