'Vaporous Clouds' for Balich Worldwide Shows

Nuvole Balich

Extraordinary realism

Created for the closing ceremony of the Asian indoor Games in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) in 2017, the four clouds (named ‘vaporous’ by us to highlight the realistic effect that FLY IN has managed to give to the creation). If you ever saw the models of inflatable clouds on the market, you know how stylised and totally fake they look.
In this case, the result achieved was of an extraordinary realism. The impression of lightness given by the four clouds is even more exceptional considering that their interior was anything but light.

The presence and advice of FLY IN was requested by Marco Balich, the executive producer of the opening and closing ceremonies of the XXXI Rio Olympic Games. At the time already, in Brazil, Balich and Oggero laid the foundations of a collaboration aimed at achieving the best quality for their works, from both a technical and set design point of view.

The achievement of such realism and the impression of lightness of the four clouds is even more exceptional considered that their interior was anything but light.

Indeed, each cloud contained a metal mesh to support and lift the entire LED lighting system, batteries included. Moreover, the inside was also hosting a technical operator and two dancers, who performed a magical dance suspended by special winches.


water based




small & light

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