Harves Pavillon for l'Astemia Pentita

Struttura Gonfiabile speciale astemia pentita

A POP-UP Winery

Creating the Pavilion of Grape Harvesting for Astemia Pentita, the first pop winery in Italy located in Barolo, was an engineering and design challenge.
We were requested to provide a temporary, sustainable and resistant structure, easy to install, to house all the machinery for crushing and scraping bunches during the grape harvest.
The inflatable structure was created in line with the philosophy of the winery: a concentrate of craftsmanship, design and innovation, featuring textures and patterns recalling the vine leaves, a key image of the company.
Fabrics and inks used were recyclable and environmentally friendly, while the environmental and sound impact was reduced to almost zero.
Every detail of the pavilion was created to meet specific requirements, such as a simple storage in just a few cubic meters, an electrical system internally wired to the walls of the inflatable, as well as the idea of using water ballasts as an alternative solution to dowels and stakes: invisible to the eyes, these choices make a real difference.
The time devoted to this project was huge: over 130 hours of technical design and graphics and another 350 hours of sewing craft, for a total of almost 500 hours of creativity, high engineering and professionalism.
The result? Surprising, just like the client who dreamed it.


water based




small & light

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