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Rossi’s new inflatable VR46 Megastore debuts at Mugello

A Made in Italy jewel of technology, sustainability and tailoring

It’s the new VR46 Megastore by Valentino Rossi: a jewel of design, technology, sustainability and tailoring  – and it’s strictly Made in Italy.

Debuting in Italy at the Italian Grand Prix of Mugello, the Megastore will welcome tens of thousands of fans over a few months period who buy VR46 brand merchandise.

Designed and built by FLY IN, the Megastore is 19 by 12 meters long and more than 6 meters high. Technically it is a sustainable, unique and customized low-energy inflatable structure. In practice, it is a small but great masterpiece of pneumatic engineering. It will accompany Valentino Rossi throughout the MotoGP world tour.

The VR46 Megastore: a unique and sustainable inflatable structure

Conceived as a large traveling store, it is entirely hand-sewn, resistant to rain and air, and can be erected while consuming energy equivalent to only as much as two light bulbs use in an hour (380 Watts).  It is a large, easily transportable, pop up store that can accommodate up to 300 people at once.

The brand of the MotoGP World Champion has always been attentive to sustainability issues beginning with its own merchandise. It could hardly have any type of inflatable stand – even the shop selling T-shirts, helmets and hats with the VR46 brand had to be sustainable.

In the photos, the preparation of the Megastore, the interior, and the “bag” in which it is transported

High performance fabrics with resistance to wind gusts

High-performance technical fabrics (completely recyclable) and a system of air intakes and internal chambers, allow the structure to remain stable and non-deformable even in wind gusts of 100 km / h.

In the case of strong winds, additional extremely quiet pressurizers are set in motion using less than 1 kw of energy.  So quiet in fact, that they produce only 53 decibels of sound – equivalent to a whisper in the night on a deserted street.

Its unique and captivating shape (the two entrances resemble two large tires) was designed by Mauro Oggero, CEO of FLY IN.

The video, in time-lapse, of the first “inflation” of the VR46 Megastore

Time is precious… and not just on the track!

“The classic tensile structures are difficult to transport and require a long time to set up – according to  Oggero – and time is a precious variable, not just for those on the track. The Team needed practicality in its transportation and rapidity in its assembly. In 2016, we created their first Megastore which is still in perfect condition. But, after more than four years of racing, the VR46 team needed an even bigger structure and with innovative and technological advantages.”

Removable graphics and quick set-up

For the set-up, 4 people and less than 2 hours are enough and it can be transported in two practical bags of 1 cubic meter each. “Inflation” takes less than 15 minutes.

Furthermore, the structure is completely covered by a graphic cover that can be replaced quickly.

Everything has been made possible thanks to the technical know-how acquired over the years of innovation and experimentation by FLY IN and Oggero.

The secret: large covers designed in modules

“We have exploited the concept used for the Solar Impulse mobile Hangar,” explains Oggero. “The VR46 Megastore is also modularly designed with two exact parts that unite. This permits practical and short set-up times and furthers the stability of the structure. When the two modules come together, they become a single structure. “

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