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Ribboned palaces for the holidays!

In Rome, gigantic inflatable bows on the facades of Palazzo Argonauta and the LafuenteTowers

ROME. “The Biggest Bows” is an artistic installation that will be visible during the Christmas period (December 9th – January 15th) in two areas of Rome: the Palazzo Argonauta (Via Ostiense) and the Parco dei Medici, at the top of Lafuente towers.
Conceived as Christmas decorations, the two installations consist of large red bows on the facades of the buildingsand includeinternal lighting so that they can be seen at night. On the Lafuente towers, the bows are on two sides of the building – on the south side and on the main entrance while in the front gardenthere is a huge spool of red ribbon with scissors, as if a giant had left them there with the intention of returning to finish decorating.

a building's facade with a big red inflatable bow

The project was commissioned by Valle Giulia Real Estate (owner of the buildings) and was conceived by Thirtyone Design, founded in 2015 by Claudia Campone.It was created by FLY IN (an Italian leader in the field of inflatables) with project management by Swedish designer Magnus Gustafsson.

“On the Lafuente building the Bows, as many will remember, had already been installed last year,” says Claudia Campone, “This year the Valle Giulia group decided to repeat the scene at Palazzo Argonauta so as to brand the buildings uniquely visible in the capital.”

To make the Bows, various structural studies, complex wind calculations and lighting testshad to be conducted. Two very ambitious installationsmade possible thanks to great teamwork.

In the pictures:
The design of the project for the bow of Palazzo Argonauta in via Ostiense
The bow on the Lafuente Towers at the Parco Dei Medici in Rome

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