• Mobile Hangar Solar Impulse

    Projects, inflatable structures and special covers

When you need a new solution

Before shelving a problematic project because it “can’t be done” – check with FLY IN. At FLY IN you will discover an innovative approach and unique know-how which has been gained from developing solutions for “can’t be done” projects in fields ranging from aviation to the marine and many others which required special engineering solutions…

Special solutions to meet your needs

Let us give you an example of what we can do: The Solar Impulse Challenge:. The main problem posed was how to protect a unique, delicate, ultra-light aircraft from rain and high winds (of up to 100 km/hour) when it was on the ground …

Technology and safety

Large inflatable structures, protective coverings and large, unique installations require specific made-to-order designs. There are no standard “one-size-fits-all” solutions

Problems? Solutions!

FLY IN can design, build, test and deliver removable covers for large and even very large surfaces such as stadiums and arenas. We have solutions to new problems and extreme ones …

Do you need some ideas to accomplish your projects?