Valentino Rossi’s Megastore VR46

  • Il Megastore VR46 gonfiabile di Valentino Rossi

    Valentino Rossi’s Megastore VR46

The Valentino Rossi VR46 Megastore

A brand new inflatable structure designed and assembled entirely by the FLY IN team which houses the VR46 Megastore.

You can also call the new structure built for VR46, the trademark of world champion Valentino Rossi, an inflatable store. It is composed of 1,097 pieces sewn together, measures 6 meters in height and provides an internal floor area of over 150 square meters…

The ingenuity to apply technology gained elsewhere to any given project – that’s how inventions are born.
Mauro Oggero

The client wanted to have a retail space to sell his VR46 merchandise during the Grands Prix of the MotoGP. The traditional structures previously used required too much time to assemble and disassemble.

The VR46 project was made possible thanks to the experience FLY IN gained during its design and production of the mobile hangar for Solar Impulse, the ultralight solar energy aircraft that made its way around the world. 

  • Magastore Vr46 Scheda Tecnica 1
  • Magastore Vr46 Scheda Tecnica 2
  • Magastore Vr46 Scheda Tecnica 3
  • Magastore Vr46 Scheda Tecnica 4

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    • Store Vr46 Gallery 1
    • Store Vr46 Gallery 2
    • Store Vr46 Gallery 3
    • Store Vr46 Gallery 4
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