Sculpture Blaublobbing

  • Sculpture Blaublobbing

    Sculpture Blaublobbing

Bubbles on Paris

An exhibition by the contemporary artist Loris Cecchini on display at the Galleria Aveline

Giant bubbles in flexible CRISTAL PVC, illuminated internally by LEDs, emerge from the windows of the façade of the Aveline Gallery as if they were mysteriously inflated from the inside.

This creation by FLY IN for the exhibition of contemporary artist Loris Cecchini’s works was on display in Paris from October 16, 2017 to early January, 2018.

In Cecchini’s work, photography, drawing, sculpture and installation combine to form a unique form of poetry. His work owes as much to his knowledge of a wide range of media as to his tireless curiosity

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    Data sheet

    2 bubbles, 5 spheres embedded between them to form a single element anchored to a window and illuminated from the inside, positioned at the entrance of the Aveline Art Gallery in Paris.


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