Inflatable Patio Cover for Outdoor spaces

  • Dehor Pier88 1920x1080

    Artistic Inflatable Patio Cover

Inflatable Patio Cover and Art Installation

A design practical solution to cover outdoor spaces

An Inflatable Patio Cover. A Thousand Soap Bubbles is  removable three-dimensional cover in two separate elements.

Designed for using outdoor spaces during the autumn and winter periods, the inflatable patio cover, it is a practical and functional design solution, ideal for covering dehors or spaces in front of bars, restaurants and public places.

Based on an idea by the It’Ing studio, it was created by FLY IN for Pier88, a trendy bar in Padua.

Manufactured in white and transparent PVC, the structure allows the passage of sunlight, giving the indoor covered spaces natural and diffused lighting.

The “portholes” in transparent crystal allow, like windows in the shape of a “bubble”, to have a view on the street.

In the pictures, the phases of assembly.

Practicality and Design

The Pier88 is a trendy cafe in Padua, built using old abandoned containers. In the case of the Pier88, the structure was attached to the large front door so that it could remain open on the walkway and the front patio could be used even in the coldest periods.

The other “bubbles” were hooked on the sides to repair the secondary staff entrances.

A unique and creative solution for outdoor areas that is at the same time a temporary inflatable art installation of great visual impact.

Functionality, practicality and design, they are always on the agenda at FLY IN!

Data sheet

Three-dimensional removable cover in two separate elements

Made in PVC with Crystal Windows


  • Artistic Inflatable Patio Cover
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