Geodesic Dome in Fabric

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    Geodesic Dome in Fabric

Geodesic Dome in Fabric

An inflatable and  eco-friendly structure

The Geodesic Dome in fabric is an inflatable and eco-sustainable structure designed and built by FLY IN. There are two versions: the PalaClima and the Igloo ice bar.

The PalaClima (first prototype of the structure) was built in 2018, for the Maritime Alps Park within the European Project CClimaTT – Climate Change in the Cross-border Territory. (click here to read more)

The Ice Bar Igloo, similar to the first structure, was created in the same year, again by FLY IN, for the Christmas Village of Arezzo. (click here to read more)

Solidity and strength of the structure

The Geodesic Dome (or geodetic) is a resistant and eco-sustainable structure, just think that to keep it inflated, the fans consume around 180 watts. This is possible thanks to the solidity and strength of the geodetic form. There are many architects who have experimented with geodesic domes over the last century. The reason?

These are the characteristic properties of this particular geometric structure that becomes proportionally more resistant to increasing dimensions. This happens because, originating from the sphere, where the forces are equally distributed, the dome has no weak points.

What is a “Geodesic Dome”?

A geodesic (or geodedic) dome is a hemispherical structure normally composed of a network of beams that form triangular elements lying on the surface of a sphere.

The innovation that FLY IN has applied has been to use only fabric equilateral triangles in the structure without the use of any metal. This makes it not only lighter and more easily to transport but also faster and practical in its assembly (about twenty minutes) – and naturally more durable.

The interior of the structure has been covered with black fabric, to allow for the possibility of projecting videos and images during the day.

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    Data sheet

    The structure has an entrance door, two crystal windows and portholes that can be opened or darkened.


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