Black Sphere

  • Black Sphere

    Black Sphere

Black Sphere

Set design for the “Salomè” at the Salzburg Festival

The “Black Sphere” was part of the set design of Romeo Castellucci’s “Salomé” for the 2018 Salzburg Festival.

The rocky formation and the structure of the Felsenreitschule theatre (dug into the mountainside) where the work was staged, represented a challenge to the installation of the inflatable, for two reasons:  the first, the distance between the scene object and the blowing mechanism; the second, the background noise that this caused.

  • Salome Progetto 1
  • Salome Progetto 2
  • Salome Progetto 3
  • Salome Progetto 4

    Data sheet

    Inflated with hot air.


    • 1 Salome 2 600x600
    • 2 Erode 2 600x600
    • 3 Salome 600x600
    • 4 Erode 1 600x600
    • 5 Il Tenore John Daszak Divorato Dalla Sfera 600x600
    • 6 Salome 3 600x600
    • 7 Salome 4 600x600
    • Black Sphere Salzburg 600x600