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Planetarium and Ice Bar in fabric at the Christmas Village of Arezzo

Resistant, practical to assembly and super light: made by FLY IN

AREZZO. The last december the Christmas Village of Arezzo has been enriched by two structures: the Igloo Ice Bar and the inflatable Planetarium, naturally “Made in… FLY IN”.

Arezzo, for the last few years – from the end of November until January, is transformed into a true Christmas Village, becoming an attractive center for tourists. The idea, born in 2015 by the Municipal Administration together with Chamber of Commerce, has brought more than 1 million people to the Tuscan center for a visit.

The Inflatable Planetarium

Managed by the New Arezzo Astrofili Group, the inflatable planetarium instead is a structure built on 3/4 of a sphere. The reason for this particular form? Lorenzo Sestini, president of the group, explains: “To be able to project images homogeneously inside the structure, we used a 360-degree professional projector. The 3/4 shape, chosen the center, allows an identical projection on the whole inner surface, without any deformation. “

The audience is literally wrapped between the stars and totally immersed in the experience. A special feature of the Planetarium is that in reality, they are two structures in one. In fact there is a second dome built in a blackout fabric (a particular black polyester that, thanks to a resin treatment, does not allow light to filter).

This allows a completely dark environment ideal for projections. Furthermore, the two walls of the structure due to internal pressure or depression between them, do not cause deformations, typical of inflatables, guaranteeing the complete tension of the surface for a perfect projection.

Some images of the inside of the Planetarium and of the projections curated by the New Astrofili group of Arezzo.

Ice Bar Igloo

The Ice Bar Igloo is a geodesic dome (half of a sphere) in fabric.

Inside, evocative ice sculptures of Santa Claus and reindeers and an ice counter have been set up. The structure was designed and built to allow the integration and installation of a cooling system that would allow the maintenance of low temperatures inside.

Design and reserch: geodetic domes in fabric

The geodesic dome (or geodedic) consists of a hemispheric structure in which triangular elements are intersecting, and which basically lie on the surface of a sphere. This particularity provides for the distribution of stresses on the whole structure which allows it to become proportionally more resistant and stable as its size increases. The Planetarium and the Ice Bar structures were constructed using equilateral triangles of fabric.

The first prototype, made by FLY IN, was the Palaclima of the Cuneo Alpi Maritime Natural Park, presented in 2018 during the popular Fausto Coppi cycling competition. (click here to see the project)

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