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PalaClima: The Eco Sustainable Geodesic Dome

FLY IN creates more and more inflatables approaching zero impact and which are totally autonomous in energy consumption

The PalaClima was created by FLY IN as part of the European project “CClimaTT” – Climate Change in the Transfrontier Territory. The project is designed to inform citizens about the effects of climate change in the Italian-French cross-border territory ranging from the Alps to the sea, including the Mercantour National Park, the Écrins National Park, the Maritime Alps and the Marguareis, the Gesso and Stura rivers and the Langa and Barolo hills.

Palaclima is an inflatable geodesic planetarium. A durable and environmentally sustainable structure

“Given the educational and informative use mainly relating to environmental issues and energy consumption of the Maritime Alps, the concept was to build a structure that had the least possible environmental impact” Mauro Oggero, owner of FLY IN, tells us.

The particular innovation applied by FLY IN was to use only equilateral triangles made of fabric for the structure, without the use of any metallic framing. This makes it not only lighter and more easily transportable, but also fast (about twenty minutes) and practical to assemble – and naturally more durable. Very little energy is needed. The fans consume only 180 watts to keep a 10 meters wide structure like this inflated. This is possible thanks to the particular geodesic shape.

A geodesic dome is a hemispherical structure normally composed of a network of beams that form triangular elements lying on the surface of a sphere. Taking origin from a sphere, where the forces are equally distributed, this allows the dome to have no weak points. This particular feature allows it to become proportionally more resistant to increasing size.
In the history of architecture there are many architects who have experimented with this particular structure starting with R. Buckminster Fuller. Many are visible all over the world, but the structures that normally support them are expensive and heavy.

After the creation of “Ossigeno – Molecola Teatrale” (Oxygen – Theatrical Molecule), the soundproof inflatable touring theater designed and built by FLY IN for the Kalatà Association with the same geodesic form, and the first experiment in the world of this type, the Palaclima was the next step towards structures that can be more and more environmentally sustainable.

“What we aim for in the future, – continues Oggero – is to create structures TOTALLY inflatable with ZERO IMPACT, perhaps through the use of solar panels, so as to achieve energy autonomy for the structure”.
The PalaClima was presented in Cuneo on at the 2018 edition of “Fausto Coppi,” a well-known amateur cycling competition. A traveling exhibition on biodiversity was set up inside the structure.
The structure has an entrance door, two crystal windows and portholes that can be opened or darkened. The interior of the structure is covered with black fabric so as to allow for the projection of videos and images even during the day.

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