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“Our” Rousseau’s Mouse on Tour in Italy

Massimo Bugani: “FLY IN? Italian excellence in the world “

Created by FLY IN for the Rousseau Association, manager of the digital platform of the same name, the “engine” or driving force behind “Movimento 5 Stelle” (the 5 Star Movement), Rousseau’s Mouse is a traveling inflatable structure designed for conferences, meetings, training courses and press conferences.

The Mouse began in June with the Rousseau City Lab, a tour that went to all major Italian cities, to their streets, in their squares, and in other spaces shared by the citizens.

The Mouse of the Rousseau City Lab in Turin for the first date of the Tour

The goal – declared Davide Casaleggio during the inaugural press conference at the structure last June in Turin – is to raise awareness of the numerous applications of the Rousseau platform and to promote the concept of digital citizenship. In addition, at each stop we will have speakers who represent excellence in their field. They will talk about their professional experience and their vision for the future.

Among the last of the illustrious guests was journalist Enrico Mentana, interviewed by Casaleggio last July 28th in Cesenatico.

We discovered FLY IN on the web and we were fascinated by the uniqueness of their structures which carry out continuous technological innovation” – said Massimo Bugani, a member of the Rousseau Association since 2016 and M-5-S city councilor in Bologna, together with Davide Casaleggio – For the Rousseau City Lab a structure was needed that was mobile, easily transportable and hopefully with a unique and recognizable design. We decided to turn to FLY IN, an Italian company that represents true Made in Italy excellence to the world.

Enrico Mentana and Davide Casaleggio in front of Rousseau’s Mouse

“When the Rousseau Association and the Casaleggio associates turned to us – said Mauro Oggero, owner of FLY IN – iour creative team immediately had the idea of transforming the structure into a mouse, an iconic shape that immediately reflects the concept of the digital citizenship that Casaleggio and Bugani wanted to convey”.

For Rousseau’s Mouse (made with 100% recyclable materials) about 5 tennis courts of fabric (1170 square meters) were used to make 1078 pieces of cloth and 10 km of thread were used for the seams – more than twice the height of Mont Blanc.
The Mouse withstands wind gusts of 100 km/h.
It can be assembled by 4 people in just over 1 hour and has a considerable savings in costs and resources and has a very low environmental impact: under normal conditions, the Mouse consumes only as much energy as a light bulb (200 watts/hour) to remain inflated.
With integrated ducting for the heating and air conditioning systems, the Mouse is also wired and prepared for a backlit photographic exhibition on its walls and is provided with a backup system including a continuity unit which ensures the stability of the structure for an hour in case of blackout.

Project details

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