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Inflatable High Fashion Pop-Up stores climb on the catwalk

“The Good Life” magazine discusses the use of inflatable Pop-Up stores by luxury brands of haute couture

When it comes to inflatables, most people immediately think about childrens’ games or sports advertising. Few people realize that inflatables are now employed in very many other sectors including Art, Architecture and Design and even in  Aerospace research!

Even high fashion brands are now using inflatable structures to establish temporary and Pop-Up stores – temporary shops that become a real experience for customers and where exclusive collections are presented.

An interesting article about the world of inflatables and inflatable design was published in the last issue of The Good Life magazine  (Italian Edition n. 18 February 2019)

Sustainable Fashion

The last issue of  The Good Life, the prestigious French magazine for Business, Design, Architecture and Lifestyle, was a special edition entirely dedicated to haute couture. It was released contemporaneously with Milan’s 2019 Fashion Week.

Fendi was the first luxury brand to have used inflatables:

The delightful Fendi Chalet (which stopped in New York and then in Dobbiaco in the store of Franz Kraler) and then with the  beautiful inflatable reproduction in 1:10 scale of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome (also known  as the Square Coliseum), today the headquarters of the famous Italian brand.

Fendi was presenting its new exclusive FF Reloaded capsule collection, inspired by the iconic logo created in 1965 by Karl Lagerfeld.

With an eye to style and eco-sustainability and to the trend of sustainable fashion, the two structures are made with 100% recyclable fabrics and only consume the energy equal to that of a light bulb (200 watts / hour) to remain standing.

Below, some structures mentioned in the article, created by FLY IN

Behind-the-scenes  video of the making of the exclusive FF Reloaded Pop-Up at Dubai Mall, inspired by Fendi’s Rome Headquarters at Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana

Eco Friendly and Custom Made Inflatable Structures – just like a tailored suit!

The article reveals that the two structures, 100% Made In Italy, were both produced  by FLY IN located in Bene Vagienna.

Two beautiful  tailor made inflatable structures (made to measure like a suit) and, of course, environmentally sustainable. Certainly not the usual inflatables we are used to!

The owner of the company, Mauro Oggero, was interviewed last spring in Dubai.

In those days, the Fendi’s inflatable Pop-Up was being set up inside The Dubai Mall (the biggest shopping mall in the world).

Created in collaboration with Eurostands Spa, after Dubai, it stopped off in Hong Kong in the Harbor City shopping center.

The Inflatable’s Stylist

Oggero, dubbed the inflatable’s stylist in the article, explains the reasons he believes there is a growing demand for custom made inflatable structures:

“There are savings in costs and in the resources needed for their transportation and set-up; the strength of the materials with which they are constructed and which are 100% recyclable and which have a very low environmental impact; and the practicality and the speed of their installation.  One of our medium-sized inflatable structures can accommodate about 150 people and to stay “standing” uses only about as much energy as a light bulb (200 watts/hour). We build unique inflatables – we don’t have a catalogue of them. Companies contact us to create original structures for their needs. The motive is simple: to strengthen their brands through an added iconic value.”

Among the achievements of FLY IN cited and illustrated in the article – the Inflatable Eiffel Tower with eggs by contemporary artists Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari at Le Galeries Lafayette in Paris (artistic installation for Toilet Paper).

  • Fendi Pop Up Store 800x800
  • Fendi Dubai Sketch 800x800
  • Fendi Inflatable Pop Up Store 800x800
  • Fendi Palazzo Civilta Gonfiabile 800x800
  • Fendi Reloaded Pop Up 800x800
  • Inflatable Eiffel Tower 800x800
  • Fendichalet 800x800
  • Fendi Chalet 800x800

When Fashion Gives Airs

When Fashion Gives Airs” (the title of the article) offers a clear and concise overview of the world of inflatables and clearly illustrates all of the variations and applications in which pneumatic technology and innovation in the field of textiles have encountered from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present day.

There is also talk about the use of inflatable structures not only in the world of design, architecture, and art, but also in the world of entertainment – especially seen in the use of pneumatic scenography for the theater.  Among the examples cited:  the preparation of the scenography for Toruk (Cirque du Soleil’s last amazing show, inspired by the movie Avatar)  and the Salome by Romeo Castellucci, on stage last summer at the Salzburg Festival.

A presentation by architect Vincenzo Latina, in light of his extensive experience in the field of pneumatic architecture, illustrates the advantages of inflatable technology, how it can represent the present day, and offers a solid response to the future challenges in environmentally sustainable and low-energy use structures.

The special issue of The Good Life is available on newsstands.

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