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FLY IN in the encyclopedia of inflatables

Between history and research – the first volume in Italian on the subject.

A few months ago, a very interesting volume about the world of inflatablesand more generally, of pneumatic architecture titled, “Air Fundamental – Collision between Inflatables and Architecture” was published. Edited by architects Vincenzo Latina and Marco Navarra, the book offers real insight into the world of inflatables.

It tracesthe historical origins of the first projects to pneumatic engineering achievements to date in the world of art, design and architecture through the intertwining of theoretical research and experimentation.

Almost an encyclopedia about the inflatable world, the book, full of beautiful photographs and images, shares the results of interdisciplinary research conducted by the School of Architecture in Syracuse inconjunctionwith the 14th International Architecture Exhibition – the Biennale di Venezia.

In the photo, the cover of the book

Many examples are cited and illustrated in the book which includes an entire chapter dedicated to FLY IN and its path of research and technological innovation during the design and construction of the Solar Impulse Mobile Hangar. Vincenzo Latina, a professor at the University of Catania and a lecturer at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, collaborated with FLY IN and its owner, Mauro Oggero (who is also quoted in the book) for the Biennale. This is an important volume for its completeness and is also the first ever to be published in the Italian language on the subject.

In the photos, some extracts from the volume

Published by LetteraVentidue, the book (256 pages) is easily purchased online at the website of the publishing house ( or can be ordered at the library.

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