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FLY IN at Asian Indoor Games of Ashgabat

There is a lot of Italy in the design and construction of the sets used for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Indoor Games of Ashgabat, Turkmenistan that ended on September 27th.

From Rio to Ashgabat, Great Sporting Events Call: FLY IN of Bene Vagienna Answers. Sixty-five delegations of 4,500 athletes and a major investment in the country completely revitalized for the world the image of Turkmenistan as a modern and efficient one. Beyond the impact on sporting performance, the importance of the occasion led the organizers to seek the assistance of the most accredited international design and management companies so as to ensure the highest quality. Among these, a prominent place is occupied by Mauro Oggero’s FLY IN.

Fluffy clouds into the sky of the Ashgabat stadium

Marco Balich, Executive Producer of the opening and closing ceremonies of the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, requested the presence and advice of the company from Bene Vagienna. As in Brazil, Balich and Oggero laid the foundation for a synergy devoted to quality.

Thus, it was possible to create a suite of fluffy clouds that rose into the sky of the Ashgabat stadium, each enriched by more than 2000 sqm of curled Tulle, so as to achieve and provide the most realistic effects of lightness and fluffiness. A great technical achievement – exceptional considering that the interior of the clouds was anything but light, having to contain a structure of metal lattices to support and lift the entire LED lighting system and its batteries. The clouds also housed a technical operator and two ballet dancers who performed a magical dance suspended from special winches.

The clouds, suddenly appearing out of nowhere and causing viewers to become breathless, are the most recent example of how FLY IN responds to every new challenge and why, where there are major projects, there is always FLY IN.

“Being an Olympics or an Asian game, it would almost be like saying to De Coubertin that the important thing is not to win but to participate,” says Mauro Oggero. “But that is not the case. Athletes can afford to participate in pure sports. Whatever their placement in a race, they will have honored their commitment. It’s not like that for us. We have a triple responsibility: the first to the organizers who give us their trust; the second, even bigger, towards the country that hosts us, which with such shows projects its image worldwide; the third, which is perhaps the most important, is towards our country, Italy, where ‘made in Italy’ lives. We cannot go wrong and we cannot limit ourselves to participate: we must win – for everyone.”

The Games are over and the lights from the big closing ceremony are turned off, but the emotions are not. The adrenaline will continue for a long time for the people of FLY IN, as after every job well done, whether it be special covers, inflatable pavilions, mobile hangars, or clouds flying in the sky of Ashgabat.

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