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The Inflatable “Thousand Bubbles” of Pier88

Artistic cover and installation: The innovative solution for the patio of the coolest place in Padua!

PADUA.  If you are going to Padua, stop in for a drink at Pier88 – it’s worth it! Located on Lungargine Scaricatore, at the level of the Bassanello bridge in Padua, Pier88 is one of the most innovative and cool places you have ever seen!

inflatable patio cover in the form of soap bubbles

Opened in June 2018, the “container bar” is a removable structure of unique design constructed of old decommissioned containers. On the outer surface of the stucture, a beautiful mural by street artist Tony Gallo fades into a standing garden. Inside, the wooden furnishings have been hand-crafted.

In short, it’s a real gem of a Design!

Winter “Artistic” Patio Cover

As the cold months approach and to take full advantage of the structure even during the winter season, the owners of this revolutionary container bar have reached the need to cover their patio with an innovative and practical solution that naturally lends an eye to its unique design.

So, from a visionary project by the Studio It’Ing in Padua and created masterfully by FLY IN.

inflatable patio cover in the form of soap bubbles

A beautiful cover in white and transparent bubble-shaped PVC was born. In short, an “artistic shed”. 

In short, a sort of tensile structure (even if technically it’s not) which allows customers to sit at the outdoor tables and stay warm.

In the pictures, some particular views of the structure: the porthole windows, seen from indoor and outdoor.

Inflatable Design’s Suggestions

An “artistic canopy” and a splendid example of inflatable designIn addition to providing a touch of magic and poetry (the installation on social media has compiled a lot of “likes”), some bubbles act as a shelter above the side entrance door, while the others are connected to the large door that always remains open on the patio.

A solution as useful as it is appreciated: the customers immediately proved enthusiastic, and those who pass by on the Bassanello bridge can not help but stare at the umpteenth coup de théâtre autographed by Pier88 and FLY IN.

Press Release (in Italian)

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