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Blaublobbing lands in the eternal city

After Turin and Paris, the work of Loris Cecchini arrives in Rome

We already saw them in Turin, then last year in Paris at the Galeries Avelineand now, Blaublobbing, an evocative work by Loris Cecchini andconstructed by FLY IN, arrives in the capital. The work is staged on the historic façade of the iconic Grand Hotel St. Regis in Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando in Rome.
With “Blaublobbing”Cecchini gives life to “transparent extrusions”, soap-like bubbles one merging into another as they protrude from the walls of the building. They almost undermine the linearity of the architectural structuresgiving them a surreal and dreamlike appearance in a sort of dialogue between interior spaces and shared exteriorones.

The occasion is the 150th anniversary of the Grand Hotel, which has recently renovated its spaces and started an exclusive partnership with Galleria Continua, the contemporary art gallery with offices in San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins and Havana. Beginning in November, 2018, the Grand Hotel will be the scene of a series of exhibitions every six months showcasing the works of artists represented by Galleria Continua.

In the picture on the left: The “Bubbles” by Cecchini on the iconic facade of the historic Grand Hotel St. Regis Rome

The calendar was inaugurated with the installation of 4 works by Loris Checcini placed in the common area of the hotel, so as to be enjoyed and appreciated by all of its guests.

The dreamlike Fil Rouge, which has been the hallmark of the celebratory presentation at the new St. Regis Rome, is consistent with the works of Cecchini, who strives to confuse the perceptions of the viewer so as to stimulate the imagination.

The works on display are in their entirety an invitation to guests, global travelers and Roman citizens to interact with the art in a game embracing the external and the internal, the public and the private.

Thus the St. Regis Rome promotes a relationship of openness to the world of contemporary art, with the aim of creating a dialogue among lovers of beauty. To this end, Galleria Continua will further organize and scheduleevents featuring curators, collectors and the artists themselves to facilitate conversations with the public and guests of the Grand Hotel.

Inaugurated last week, the art installation and the exhibition inside the hotel, will be viewable until March, 2019.

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