• Rendiamo semplice l'impossibile

    We make the impossible easy

We make the impossible easy

A few words to describe us: inspiration and courage to imagine and willingness to experiment; production capacity and flexibility resulting from an organization built around the development of exclusive projects…

No catalog, sorry.

It’s something we’re proud of: we don’t have a catalog because we’ve always had the good fortune to design and manufacture unique items; projects that require not only expertise and professionalism, but above all creativity and exclusive skills

The convergence of craftsmanship and technology

FLY IN’s assembly center is one of excellence. The professional seamstresses have gained experience that enables them to sew the hundreds (sometimes thousands) of pieces of special fabric that make up an inflatable…

An entrepreneur, an enterprise.

Founder, “frontman” and coordinator of all of FLY IN is Mauro Oggero. His professional resume coincides throughout with that of the company. Oggero combines skills derived from experience in engineering, design, technology, and a deep knowledge of aeronautics…

Our job

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